Radio Disney: Next Big Thing

Saturday was an amazing day. Amazingly LONG day. I arrived in Hollywood in the morning & watched the performers do their sound check. I have to say one thing: these kids are SO TALENTED. They sounded so mature & so much more older than their actual age. These kids were between 12 & 16 but they were more grown up than half the grown ups there !! I was totally wowed. Did I also mention that they were all total sweethearts ❤

I was there for 9 & half hours. Let me repeat that. Nine & a half hours ON MY POOR FEET. Talking to every single person that was there, & snapping pictures during the meet & greet for all the kids after the concert. Woohoo to me for manning the Red Carpet Photo Booth !! haha

Unfortunately… my point & shoot doesn’t do so well when people move 😦 so excuse the blur ….

Here’s Damien sound checking. This boy can sing, dance & rap !!

This is Shealeigh, Season 4 Winner. I absolutely ADORE this girl. She is only 14 but carries herself like a total WOMAN. So sweet & has the most amazingly sweet voice.

Here is Jack, Damien, Chloe & Halle… 3/5 of the Season 5 competitors.

Okay. The highlight of my day. I got to meet a “celebrity.” You might recognize her from Hart of Dixie OR you might have seen her in the trailers for KICK A$$ 2.


Now if only Michael Buble was at Hollywood … that would be the highlight of my LIFE !!


One thought on “Radio Disney: Next Big Thing

  1. Masah says:

    Where do we vote

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