Sister Sister

14 years ago, my whole family landed on America. My 2 sisters & I discovered the DISNEY CHANNEL. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Disney Channel. Back then, they had tons of cool shows that taught you meaningful life lessons (unlike today’s Disney shows …..) One of our favorite shows back then was “Sister Sister” with Tia & Tamera Mowry. They were the cutest most adorable & “Role Modelesque” type characters & actresses on TV. The Mowry twins would get themselves into tons of trouble, but always finds their way back to making things right. My sisters & I would plop ourselves down on the couch & just watch the reruns over & over again. It never got old for us, & apparently they never got old either. Tia Mowry (14 years later) looks JUST AS GORGEOUS & YOUNG as she did on the TV show 14 years ago !!


My sisters & I have aged a decade … Tia looks like all she did was cut her all her hair & styled it into the coolest Faux Hawk Hair !!

note to self: I need a new p&s camera .. it’s just not cutting it anymore .. :/



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