Weekend Love

I had the best weekend with my bf & sister in a looong while.

Saturday: Derik & I got to play a little tennis … until they kicked us out because we didn’t reserve & pay for the court. (yes it was a public park) ridiculous right ??  but it’s okay !! we got to play for a little under an hour & we posed for a couple pictures before they kicked us outta there !! xP

Then we strolled to the beach & just walked for a couple miles, played in the water.

We found this cool empty shell of a baby lobster or whatever creature it is … & took a picture .. & then threw it back in the waters. On our way back to our shoes 30 minutes later, we found it rolling across our path in the tide. It found us !! haha

I also found a cool little creature… & it was curling & creeping all around the sand bottom.

Nice relaxing yet exercise filled Saturday with my Derik.

Then SUNDAY came. Today marks a very significant day for woohooitslina photography. Today, October 28, at 10 am, I had the opportunity to meet up with Darline & Van, who are engaged to be married next year on June 21 & 22. woohooitslina photography has booked its very first wedding !! WOO HOO !! ❤ I cannot be anymore excited about their entire wedding process. 2 day wedding FILLED with love & cultural traditions. It is going to be SO MUCH FUN. Even their engagement is filled with tons of fun 😉 more on that later …

After this initial meet & greet with Darline & Van, I was headed up to LA with my sister, Sarah, to the LA Women’s Expo !! We got to eat, shop, drink, meet celebrities, makeovers, massages, hair styles/hair cut, but most importantly… PHOTO BOOTH !!!!!! Favorite part of the day .. hehehe


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