The Boys in Whittier

Happy Wednesday everyone !!

It has been WAY too long since I’ve updated my blog … (tsk tsk me.. I know) Well I am back from a BUSY BUSY week of shoots, editing, meeting new people, & just life in general. My bf & I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Sunday (which is why I’ve been procrastinating on blogging.. hehe) But today I have PICTURES !!

Went up to Whittier last week to photograph the FUNNEST & FUNNIEST group of guys !! EVER !! I came home with very sore cheeks from laughing the whole time haha !! Had a blast shooting their session & capturing all of their fun & laughter. And when they weren’t laughing, they were GREAT at posing & being very model-esque !! Loved them ❤

So here they are !! Elijah, Cameron & Brian !!

no loitering. haha ❤ one of my favs

oh silly boys .. 🙂 haha

So.. did you know that Cameron can levitate & walk on heads ??

jk, he is just very well balanced.

love this one !! ❤

love the colors !!

one of my favs ❤ 

Thank you Elijah, Cameron, & Brian !! I had a GREAT time with you guys 🙂 You guys are awesome & I hope to get the opportunity to shoot with you guys again !!! 🙂


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