Lina News

Hello there lovely people !!

It is TUESDAY !! Usually this would be comedy night for us, but after going for almost a year every Tuesday, we’ve got every comedian’s jokes ALL MEMORIZED (haha). So I think we’ll be heading to POSCH (Irvine) tonight for TACO TUESDAY !! WooHoo !! Come meet us up there !! There’ll be TONS of cool youngsters there ;D

Now on to the NEWS. Lina News. (muahaha)

My youngest sister ESTHER is coming to visit for the holidays NEXT WEDNESDAY 😀 YAY !! One  more week til her arrival !!

I’ve got a HUGE shoot this weekend that I am SUPER EXCITED FOR.

Thanksgiving is next week. NEXT WEEK. ALREADY. It feels like just yesterday that I spent 2 days cooking/prepping for last tgivings & it’s here AGAIN. ALREADY. crazy.

Planning out our ROAD TRIP for next month. WHOOT !!

❤ ❤ ❤ Photo shoots

Now here’s a sneak peak of my sister’s photo shoot with her bf (future fiance, future husband, future baby daddy. muahaha)




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