Awesome Roadtrip

woo hoo !! I am finally BACK !! After a very fast 2 week road trip with my other half… across the entire WEST COAST. okay .. not the entire coast, just most of it .. hehe. The road trip was awesome, it was our first one ever… & now we know, we are totally ROAD TRIP PEOPLE !! We LOVED the entire trip.. even the endless hours of DRIVING. I learned a new thing about myself…..

I can go into AUTOPILOT & just drive like a robot …. HAHAHA

I will post pictures & blog about our entire trip in the next couple posts. So stay tuned 😉 because we’ve got some AWESOME pictures !!

Now I can finally get back to priority #1: editing the rest of Darline & Van’s engagement session (cutest most funn(i)est couple EVER) & then cleaning up this entire house (who would’ve known unloading our road trip packed car would result in the entire house being a MESS).

So here’s a preview of Darline & Van’s session (so cute). While I get back to editing the rest of their pictures !!


Happy Holidays Everyone !!


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