Zeinab’s 3rd Birthday !!

wow. so is anyone else feeling extremely tired from the daylight savings time change ?!?! I AM !! isn’t it weird how one hour change in our day can just screw up everything -_- haha

So, about a month ago, I had the opportunity to meet with Zeinab & her parents. She turned 3 & I got the chance to photograph her birthday party !! Her parents (especially Momma Johanna) put in SOOOOO much work & details into her “Finding Nemo” party theme. I had the BEST TIME capturing these pictures. So I hope you enjoy them too đŸ™‚ & yes they are as delicious as they look.

Zeinab_1 Zeinab_6 Zeinab_12 Zeinab_14 Zeinab_15 Zeinab_16 Zeinab_18 Zeinab_21 Zeinab_22 Zeinab_36 Zeinab_39 Zeinab_40 Zeinab_44 Zeinab_46 Zeinab_48 Zeinab_51 Zeinab_53 Zeinab_54 Zeinab_60 Zeinab_61 Zeinab_62 Zeinab_66 Zeinab_68 Zeinab_76 Zeinab_79 Zeinab_83 Zeinab_112 Zeinab_113 Zeinab_114


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