Karen + Isaac [ San Juan + Dana Point ]

Hey all, I must apologize for my absence in pictures & blogging for the past few months. This adventure called life just took a complete turn & now I am embarking on a whole new mission in life. I have been 25 for almost two months now..  & it’s kind of exciting but scary at the same time. It feels like yesterday when I just turned 21 & thinking “wow I’m legally an adult now.” & now all of a sudden… I’m a quarter of a century old. Half of my twenties has already gone down the drain, & what have I accomplished ?? a lot, but not enough. I’ve learned a lot of tough lessons, made tons of mistakes, but I make it out of those dark tunnels as a stronger & wiser person. Didn’t make it out physically or financially better though, so now I know to do more for myself. I’m a giver (or so I’ve learned). Spent my whole life helping others succeed, & then when I walk away… I have nothing. But it’s okay 🙂 Life lesson learned!!

Which is why I’m excited to share Karen & Isaac’s story. They met three years ago, at their local Starbucks. Thru the years, they’ve learned to be each other’s rocks. They were both quiet & shy, very introverted, but you could just feel their love & commitment shining through their eyes when you were around them. I am so lucky to have been able to spend the evening with them. & now  I am so excited to share their pictures !!


K+I 6 K+I 7 K+I 11 K+I 14 K+I 36 K+I 40 K+I 47 K+I 68 K+I 70 K+I 74 K+I 84 K+I 8 K+I 16 K+I 29 K+I 30 K+I 41 K+I 46 K+I 48 K+I 51 K+I 57 K+I 60


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