About Me

My name is Lina. I am 26, born in Taiwan, raised all over the world, finally landed in Cali at age 10 & have stayed here since. I currently reside in the bustling city of LA.

5 years ago, I stumbled across this wedding photographer’s blog, Jasmine Star, & I have been hooked into wedding photography ever since. You see, I have always loved all forms of creative artistry: piano at 8, church & school choir at 9, drawing at 12, knitting & crocheting at 15, sewing at 16, scrap booking & crafting at 18.

It was not until 21, when I realized that THIS is what I want to do for the rest of my life.  I really love taking pictures & I am COMPLETELY in love with all things WEDDING. What a perfect combination !! So I am finally at the stage in my life where I can begin this path FULL TIME in my life. I hope you all enjoy reading about my journey through this blog.

If you are interested in a photography session (senior portraits, engagements, weddings, special events,  just because) please get in touch with me here !! I look forward to seeing your emails & hearing all about YOUR love story !! 🙂


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